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The Emerging Arctic: a Challenge for Humankind
    Friday July 13, 2012 10:45am - 12:15pm @ The Liffey A

    The thawing of permafrost and northern sea ice as a result of global temperature rise has become an increased focus of world attention. The Arctic Ocean and Arctic coasts are rapidly changing from being an expanse of largely in penetrable ice fields into navigable sea. The resulting increased interest in the potential mineral and energy reserves when combined with the needs and livelihoods of the Arctic people poses huge challenges in governance, environmental management and cultural ethics.


    In this session we will introduce and discuss the major issues of the emerging Arctic regions. The physical and hydrographic shifts will be elucidated. The clear habitat and ecosystem shifts on many different scales ranging from increased bacterial activity to shifting tree lines will be discussed. Building on this, the reshaping of Human needs and ways of life, not only as a direct consequence of shifting geography and ecosystems but via the great pressure for resource utilisation in these regions is one the most important issues. The combination of, for example mining and cultural values, represents one of the major challenges to human communication, peaceful interaction and ethical intercultural confluence. Innovative and integrative governance and management strategies are indispensable for the adaptation and survival of the Peoples of the Arctic and the unique Arctic system.



    1. Arctic warming and its impact on glaciers, sea ice and permafrost (Prof. Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Hubberten),
    2. Ecosystem Challenges in the Arctic (Prof. Dr. Terry Callaghan),
    3. Arctic Socio-Economic systems -impact of changes on Arctic people (Prof. Dr. Gail Fondahl),
    4. Arctic political  systems - governance and adaptation (Professor Paula Kankaanpää).


    President of the International Arctic Social Sciences Association...

    President of the International Permafrost Association

    Distinguished Professor of Arctic Science, Royal Swedish Academy...

    Director, the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland, Fi...

    Type Science Programme, Energy Environment & Climate
    Host Organization Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
  • Organiser Prof. Dr. Karen H. Wiltshire
  • Tags SP36

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