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The perennial career dilemma: academia or industry - is there a third way?
    Friday July 13, 2012 12:15pm - 1:15pm @ Liffey Hall 1

    It is a fact well-known to HR professionals and educators worldwide: young people who wish to build a long-lasting career in life sciences always end-up facing a dilemma. Will they build a career in the academic world, or will they go into industry (big pharma or biotech alike)?

    What if this dilemma didn't exist and a flexible career-structure was possible in which researchers could move back and forth between academia and industry?


    Can we capitalize on the best of both worlds, faciliate cross-fertilization and make life-long learning a reality? Is this a model in which we should invest? 


    We have asked five young researchers to discuss this in a lunchtime session starting from their own personal perspective – in interaction with the delegates with the aim of sparking some original thinking.


    University of Antwerp, Belgium

    University of Antwerp, Belgium

    Research Director, Irish Universities Association

    Ion Mincu University Bucharest, Romania

    University Belgrade, Serbia

    Janssen Infectious Diseases, Belgium

    Type Careers Programme, Events
    Host Organization Janssen Pharmaceutical
  • Organiser Frederik Wittock
  • Tags EP11

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