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Archaeology meets radioactive waste
    Thursday July 12, 2012 10:45am - 12:15pm @ Liffey Hall 2

    This session discusses the final repository of radioactive waste as an issue of global relevance at the interface of science and the humanities. Engineers are investigating safe ways to handle and store the radioactive spent fuel from nuclear power plants for at least 100,000 years to come. Archaeologists contribute to this planning process with a long-term perspective on human evolution, technological innovation and cultural change. Given that 100,000 years back in time humans did not share our own present-day capacity for abstract thinking, how are we best communicating the inherent dangers of radioactive waste to human beings who will live 100,000 years from now?

     Linnaeus University, Sweden

    Linnaeus University, Sweden

    Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co (SKB), Sweden

    French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency (ANDRA...

    Type Science Programme, Science & Culture
    Host Organization Linnaeus University
  • Organiser Cornelius Holtorf
  • Tags SP8

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