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Is science journalism dead or does it just smell funny?
    Thursday July 12, 2012 4:00pm - 5:30pm @ The Liffey B

    This round table debate on the current standing of science journalism includes a panel of experienced journalists, some with decades of specialist involvement in science journalism, and all with strong views and concerns on science journalism. Among the issues affecting the health of science journalism to be considered in this debate are:


    1. Increasing direct communication to the public by scientific bodies that is tending to reduce the need for journalist intermediaries,
    2. Proliferation and diversification of internet news and commentary blurring the distinctions between professional, independent reporting and amateur and partisan coverage,
    3. Growing perception that the routines of established science journalism are worn-out and that science reporting is too vulnerable to claims of 'breakthrough' and 'world-first',
    4. Reduction in specialist staff science journalists due to financial pressures on many media and the restructuring of employment as largely casual, desk-bound and generalist,
    5. Increasing exposure of generalist journalists to topics with important scientific dimensions (e.g. epidemics, pandemics, ash clouds, extreme weather, water stress).

    Irish Science and Technology Journalists Association

    Formicablu, Italy

    President, World Federation of Science Journalists

    P.M./Knowledge Matters magazine, Germany; EUSJA Honorary Sec...

    Type Science Programme, Communicating Science
    Host Organization Irish Science and Technology Journalists Association
  • Organiser Brian Trench
  • Tags SP23

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