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Culture lab: the application of science to art and artefacts
    Saturday July 14, 2012 10:45am - 12:15pm @ The Liffey B

    When you mention art or cultural heritage science, most people think about authentication of a priceless masterpiece or identification of a pigment on a Picasso painting. But cultural heritage scientists are doing much more. They're helping to conserve and restore everything from spacesuits to plastic sculptures. They're developing tools to study artworks and artefacts without actually touching them. They're looking through paintings to see initial drawings on the canvas below. They're even getting into the minds of ancient cultures by recreating their recipes for everything from hair dye to incense and then studying the products with modern analytic technology. This panel session will explore the new trends in cultural conservation science as well as guide conference attendees through fascinating recent projects at museums, galleries and archives.

    CNR Institute for Science and Technology, Italy

    University of Glasgow

    University College London, UK

    Louvre Museum, France

    Chemical & Engineering News, Germany

    Type Science Programme, Science & Culture
    Host Organization Chemical & Engineering News
  • Organiser Sarah Everts
  • Tags SP60

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