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What should universities do to encourage more spin-outs and licensing arrangements?
    Sunday July 15, 2012 1:15pm - 2:45pm @ Wicklow Hall 1

    Universities have embraced their role in strengthening the regional economy. Breaking new ground in policy, strategy and operations, they are confronted with new challenges. One of them is how to measure, improve and communicate their economic impact. This is particularly relevant to the technology transfer agenda.

    Led by Invent - Dublin City University’s Technology Transfer Office, this highly interactive session brings together world leaders in the area of innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialisation to give their unique perspectives on how universities can increase the number of spin-out companies and licensing deals.

    During this session the speakers will explore the following issues:

    • What are the conditions that facilitate successful technology transfer and how can we increase activity levels in this area?
    • How do universities conduct the necessary de-risking (both financial and technological) to drive value in their start-ups until they can either thrive on their own or are investment ready?
    • How can we encourage researchers to critically examine the technologies they are developing and to assess their commercial potential?
    • How do we incentivise researchers to be part of a team which takes a new technology to the marketplace?
    • How do we open the dialogue with industry to develop collaborative research projects resulting in commercially exploitable technologies?
    • In order to encourage more spin-outs and licensing arrangements, is there too much focus on metrics and is there a quality issue to be addressed?
    • What role must technology transfer office now play given the complexity of the technologies and the needs of the marketplace?
    • How do we develop hubs and clusters for innovation that draw in both intellectual property and the resources to exploit new technologies.

    President, Dublin City University, Ireland

    Stanford University, USA    

    University of Utah

    Kennispark, Twente, The Netherlands

    Type Science-2-Business
    Host Organization Dublin City University
  • Organiser Maria Johnston
  • Tags BP13

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