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The Power of the Purse - How innovative companies can take-off with public procurement
    Friday July 13, 2012 1:15pm - 2:45pm @ Wicklow Hall 1

    A contract from a lead customer is one of the most valuable assets that an innovative company can possess. It significantly reduces the risks involved in rolling out a new product or service. It makes the company much more attractive for a prospective investor.

    Public authorities are extremely valuable as lead customers. Project Scales can be very significant, and a public organisation can offer great opportunities for product or service development. An innovative solution supplied to a lead public customer can go on to become a product in global demand, securing a company's long term future. The US experience is significant in this respect

    Public procurement of innovative solutions is now a mainstream European Union policy. In the Horizon 2020 strategy, new legal frameworks and funding programmes will create valuable opportunities. However, innovative procurement solutions are already growing fast under existing rules. This is the right time for innovative companies to move into the public market.

    This interactive workshop will bring together policy makers, research organisations, public buyers and suppliers to explain current and future programmes, and present case studies of successful customers. It will be an "unmissable" session for researchers and companies who want to turbo charge their innovations through to market.

    Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge, UK

    Malta Council for Science and Technology

    University of Manchester, UK

    Member European Parliament

    Member European Parliament

    Cabinet Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn

    Member European Parliament

    Member European Parliament

    Type Science-2-Business
    Host Organization European Parliament
  • Organiser Miklós Györffi
  • Tags BP6

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