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The impact of ice sheet and ocean interactions on climate change
    Sunday July 15, 2012 10:45am - 12:15pm @ The Liffey A

    Ice-sheets are dynamic systems that form an integral part of the global climate system. They are both sensitive to and drivers of climate change and therefore provide a unique opportunity to investigate climatic change.
    As ice sheets grow and decay they leave a rich geological record of ice sheet behaviour that can help to unravel the timing and driving mechanisms of major climatic events. A decade of scientific investigation of Irish submarine territory in the NE Atlantic has uncovered a fascinating picture of a perfectly preserved ice age landscape across the width of the Irish continental shelf.
    This session will explore how research in the North Atlantic region shows that the Irish continental shelf is a critical area for climatic research and will discuss in this context the potential that a rapidly melting Greenland Ice Sheet could force unexpected and rapid climatic change in the North Atlantic region.

    Durham University, UK

    University of Bergen, Norway

    University of Ulster, UK

    University of Ulster, UK

    National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland

    Type Science Programme, Energy Environment & Climate
    Host Organization University of Ulster
  • Organiser Paul Dunlop
  • Tags SP83

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