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The European Research Area: translating the aspiration into reality
    Friday July 13, 2012 1:15pm - 2:45pm @ The Liffey B

    The European Commission's 2012 policy Communication on the European Research Area (ERA) should lead to a significant improvement in Europe's research performance to promote growth and job creation. The measures in the Communication will have to be implemented by EU Member States, the Commission and Research Organisations to ensure the completion of ERA by 2014 as called for by the European Council.


    To complete ERA and maximise the return on research investment, Europe must increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its public research system. This requires more cooperation so that the brightest minds work together to make greater impact on grand challenges (e.g. demographic-ageing, energy security, mobility, environmental degradation), and to avoid unnecessary duplication of research and infrastructure investment at national level. It also requires more competition to ensure that the best researchers and research teams receive funding - those able to compete in the increasingly-globalised and competitive research landscape.

    With the explicit objective of opening up and connecting EU research systems, the ERA reform agenda focuses on five key priorities, which will be presented and discussed. They include optimizing Europe-wide research competition and cooperation, the interoperability of national research systems, promoting gender equality, opening the access to scientific knowledge, and opening the labour market for researchers. In other words: removing barriers to the free circulation of researchers and knowledge in Europe.


    • "A Reinforced European Research Area Partnership for Excellence and Growth" (Dr. Octavi Quintana);
    • "Increasing effectiveness of national research systems" (Prof. Stefan Kuhlman);
    • "Co-operating and competing at a European-wide level" (Dr.ir. Elisabeth Monard);
    • "An open labour market for researchers" (Dr. Conor O'Carroll);
    • "Promoting gender equality in research institutions" (Prof. Inés Sánchez de Madariaga);
    • "Optimal circulation and transfer of scientific knowledge" (Dr. Alma Swan).


    Director of European Advocacy, Scholarly Publishing and Academic...

    Research Director, Irish Universities Association

    Secretary-General, the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), B...

    Head of Women and Science Unit, Secretary of State for Research...

    Director of the European Research Area

    Chair of the Department of Science, Technology, and Policy Studies...

    Type Science Programme, Policy
    Host Organization European Commission
  • Organiser Mina Stareva; Josefina Enfedaque
  • Tags SP93

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