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Can we feed 9 billion people or will we starve?
    Saturday July 14, 2012 9:30am - 10:45am @ Liffey Hall 2

    By 2050 the global population is expected to reach 9 billion, with the majority of this increase in the developing world. In order to feed these people it is estimated that a historically-unprecedented rise in food production of at least 50% will be needed. The question is how can we do this, when we cannot adequately feed the ~1 billion people who are starving today?

    This session will assemble some of the foremost experts involved in meeting the challenge of tackling global hunger. Two internationally renowned scientists - Bill Davies and Jonathan Jones- will address the key challenges of how to enhance food production in the face of limiting water supplies and the increased threats of pests and diseases. Bill Davies is an expert in water use by crops and Jonathan Jones is a key player in the development of disease resistance in plants. Chris Leaver, is Emeritus Professor at Oxford University and currently engages in public understanding of science, particularly issues associated with food security. Tom Arnold, CEO of Concern, will talk on hunger and poverty in developing countries.



    Lancaster University, UK

    University College Dublin, Ireland

    University of Oxford, UK

    John Innes Institute, UK

    European Plant Science Organisation, Belgium

    Concern Worldwide

    Type Science Programme, The Future of Medicine & Health
    Host Organization University College, Dublin
  • Organiser Bruce Osborne
  • Tags SP58

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