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Impact of Open Innovation in PROs and Universities
    Saturday July 14, 2012 1:15pm - 2:45pm @ Wicklow Hall 1

    The Open Innovation paradigm triggers new challenges and opportunities for the researchindustry.Current trends characterising the knowledge economy (namely, inter alia, the globalisation ofresearch, competitive pressure which reduce the companies' commitment to long-term andbasic research; growing convergence of technologies) call for an evolution of the role playedby research institutions: from a role focused on education and creation of public domainscientific results to a "knowledge hub" role. In particular, the need to deepen the relationshipwith industry requires research institutions to engage more in the development of "jointknowledge" (or co-creation of knowledge) with industry (and relevant stakeholders) viacollaborating to establish, develop and manage "knowledge platforms", in order to attract,share and recombine the various contributions coming from the research, industrial andsocietal ecosystem.The round table will be opened by an introduction on Open Innovation and its relevance forthe business and research world. The discussion will investigate the expectations industryhas on the role PROs (Public Research Organisations) and Universities should play withinthe new emerging context. Furthermore, room will be devoted to discussing about the main"exogenous" hurdles (e.g. structural, cultural, institutional, regulatory…) that researchinstitutions have to overcome in Europe in order to speed up this transition and how researchinstitutions should concretely engage in shaping their business model in order to improve therelationship with industry. The round table will be closed by a practical presentation onconcrete examples of "open innovation" business models adopted by research institutions in Europe.


    Istituto di Management, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy...

    Technopolis Group and University of Twente, Netherlands...

    University College Dublin, Ireland

    Philips Research, Netherlands

    European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Belgium

    Type Science-2-Business
    Host Organization Joint Research Centre, European Commission
  • Organiser Elena Gonzalez Verdesoto
  • Tags BP14

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