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How can more SMEs engage in Horizon 2020 projects?
    Friday July 13, 2012 10:45am - 12:15am @ Wicklow Hall 1

    The aim of this workshop is to examine the manner in which SMEs access funding through EU projects, and the lessons that can be learned by support agencies and owner-managers. The workshop will feature a range of discussions which will include an exploration of current and future funding opportunities for SMEs from an EC perspective, potential strategies from a support agency perspective (with Ireland used as a reference point), and lessons learned from an SME owner-manager who will discuss his experiences from a practitioner perspective. The workshop will incorporate a holistic view of engaging with EC funding opportunities and will conclude with a talk about Horizon 2020.

    European Commission, Belgium

    Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, SolarPrint, Ireland

    Professor of Entrepreneurship, Dublin Institute of Technology...

    Enterprise Ireland

    Type Science-2-Business
    Host Organization European Commission
  • Organiser Bernd Reichart
  • Tags BP4

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