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Exploring promises and timescales in research and policy
    Friday July 13, 2012 10:45am - 12:15pm @ Ecocem Room

    Research and innovation policy today strongly relies on promises of a better future created through new techno scientific developments in areas such as genomics and nanotechnology. To succeed in competitive funding, scientists have to envision how their research might contribute to socio-economic goals.

    This session will explore what characterises contemporary techno scientific promises and how they are linked with normative imaginations of the future. This also includes reflecting on who should participate in defining these futures and how they might be reached.

    Secondly, the session addresses the question of how time horizons of promises impinge on the science system itself. Temporalities of scientists' current work structures often do not match with far-reaching promises, e.g. projects need to be completed in short time frames, careers are fragmented and even funding schemes shift their focus continually. We thus aim to discuss how scientists and policy makers experience and engage with promissory rhetoric, diverging temporalities and time horizons.

    American Association for the Advancement of Science, USA

    University of Vienna, Austria

    Aachen University RWTH, Germany

    President of the European Research Council, Belgium

    University of Vienna, Austria

    Department of Social Studies of Science, University of Vienna...

    Type Science Programme, Policy
    Host Organization University of Vienna
  • Organiser Claudia Schwarz
  • Tags SP31

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