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Is science driven policy making an achievable goal?
    Friday July 13, 2012 4:00pm - 5:30pm @ Wicklow Hall 2A

    Evidence based policy making is increasingly important, as policy makers are faced with policy dilemmas and need scientific input for policy development. Recent emergencies with a serious public impact (volcanic eruptions in Europe, earthquake and tsunami in Japan etc.) have shown that we need to speed up the interaction between science and politics in urgent situations. The purpose of the session would be to address via interactive discussions how to bring science even closer to policy making, what are the main challenges, and to share experiences and compare different systems in the EU and the US.

    Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

    Rathenau Instituut, The Netherlands

    Member of the European Parliament, UK

    Member of the European Parliament, Austria

    Government Accountability Office, USA

    Type Science Programme, Policy
    Host Organization STOA, European Parliament
  • Organiser Theodoros Karapiperis
  • Tags SP46

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