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Is the future of mathematics medieval?
    Thursday July 12, 2012 8:00am - 9:30am @ Wicklow Meeting Room 1

    Is mathematics more than just a single subject and what do we lose by teaching it in isolation? Ireland’s medieval heritage can provide tantalising hints at the answer. It suggests that mathematics is more a way of thinking that has applications from art and astronomy, to music and geometry. Moreover mathematical skills were considered intrinsic to intellectual, literary and artistic expression.

    Ireland has a rich tradition of scientific endeavour, yet today uptake of mathematics is dismal. Does this suggest that the complex mathematical skills found in Irish monastic schools should be considered as a way forward for modern teaching?

    The panel will argue that medieval education is relevant today. Indeed Dan Shechtman’s Nobel Prize-winning work on quasicrystals has connections to Kepler’s 16th Century work on Platonic solids and Fibonacci’s 13th Century aperiodic number sequences.

    Royal Irish Academy, Ireland

    University of Oxford, UK

    The National College of Art and Design, Ireland

    University of Greifswald, Germany

    University College Dublin, Ireland

    Type Science Programme, Engagement & Education
    Host Organization Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
  • Organiser Mary Kelly
  • Tags SP3

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