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South Eastern Europe Facing the Knowledge Society
    Saturday July 14, 2012 4:00pm - 5:30pm @ Ecocem Room

    The main goal of this session is to initiate discussions among different generations of researchers on the challenges of transforming economies and societies in Southeast-European countries.
    In this context, two challenging domains will be particularly discussed:

    1. Perspectives for career development within Science and Technology (S&T)
    2. Intra- and interregional collaborations.

    The expected results are to:

    1. Challenge the Governments in Southeast Europe to respond with more clear and concrete statements on their policies in the field of S&T;
    2. Open new vistas for scientific and technological co-operations in the European Research Area.

    The session will include short reports (5 min.) of pre-ESOF meetings in different countries followed by a discussion.

    Ion Mincu University Bucharest, Romania

    University Belgrade, Serbia

    CNRS, France

    Euroscience, France

    Type Careers Programme, The Global Researcher
    Host Organization Euroscience
  • Organiser Raymond Seltz
  • Tags CP15

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