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Can outreach make you a better scientist?
    Thursday July 12, 2012 4:00pm - 5:30pm @ Liffey Hall 1

    Although most funding agencies and research institutions now recognise the value of engaging the public about scientific research, performing outreach is often regarded as an add-on to a scientist's day job, rather than an integral part of it. Worse, scientists who communicate their work to the media or the public often encounter the view that these activities somehow make them second-class researchers, or that they are wasting valuable research time.
    This workshop will explore the idea that engaging wider audiences should be part and parcel of doing science, and that scientists who do communicate improve not only their career prospects, but also enrich their research and boost their ability to collaborate, innovate and increase the impact of their work.
    The workshop will include short talks illustrating how outreach can synergise with research, including a first-hand account from an academic who builds public engagement into his field work. There will also be a series of interactive exercises to help delegates identify outreach opportunities for their own research and to start developing the skills needed to realise them.

    SciConnect Limited, UK

    Quercus Training, UK

    Southampton University, UK

    European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany

    Type Careers Programme, The 21st Century Researcher
    Host Organization SciConnect Limited
  • Organiser Claire Ainsworth
  • Tags CP5

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