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Particles, light and antimatter: new ways to battle cancer
    Saturday July 14, 2012 1:15pm - 2:45pm @ The Liffey A

    In the last few years several new ways of treating cancer have emerged, using different particle species, intense light or even antimatter - all pushing the boundaries of science and technology significantly beyond the previous state of the art.

    This session will give a brief overview of the history of cancer therapy before tackling a number of key questions: What are the distinct advantages of hadron therapy when compared to more traditional methods and how can highest quality treatment beams be produced? Can THz radiation serve as a diagnostics tool to detect cancer cells at their very early stages? Could antimatter-ions be the ultimate tool to treat specific cancer types? An outlook on future research programs will also be given - all of this in an active dialogue with the audience.

    Cockcroft Institute, UK   Prof. Carsten P. Welsch studied …

    University of Seville, Spain.   Prof. José M. Espino carri…

    Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Germany   Ms. Sa…

    Type Science Programme, The Future of Medicine & Health
    Host Organization Cockcroft Institute, UK
  • Organiser Carsten Welsch
  • Tags SP65

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