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European Crucible: A catalyst for inter-disciplinary innovation and collaboration
    Thursday July 12, 2012 1:15pm - 2:45pm @ Wicklow Meeting Room 1

    Ever wondered what a biochemist and a mathematician might have in common, or how a social scientist and a particle physicist could work together? European Crucible at ESOF is designed to help you find out just what great minds and creative thinkers can do when they come together!
    European Crucible builds on the success of the UK’s award-winning Crucible programme and its pool of multi-national, multi-disciplinary researchers from science, technology, engineering, medicine, arts, design, and social and political science. European Crucible invites other talented early stage researchers from across Europe – Europe’s ‘research leaders of the future’ - to come and participate in this session and satellite event to expand their innovative potential, form a collaborative peer network, and address the challenges of proposing new ideas for interdisciplinary research with impact!
    Innovative, collaborative, inter-disciplinary research is becoming increasingly important to match European research priorities and meet global ‘grand challenges’. European Crucible aims to help early stage researchers develop skills, knowledge and connections to enhance their research capacity and impact through interdisciplinary collaborations and knowledge exchange. For ambitious early stage researchers committed to a research career in Europe, European Crucible will i) harness skills and aptitudes for interdisciplinary research and innovation; ii) inspire and empower a network of potential European research leaders and iii) explore and enable collaborative linkages between academia, business, policy and the media.


    European Crucible @ ESOF : Satellite Event

    European Crucible - A catalyst for inter-disciplinary innovation and collaboration

    Wednesday, 11th July 2012 – Convention Centre Dublin 10am-12.00 noon - the Ecocem Room.

    Registration: By registering for our satellite event and conference session (European Crucible), delegates are eligible for a reduced registration rate of €100 incl 23% VAT registration rate.  

    • Email: EuropeanCrucible@hw.ac.uk
    • Related website: Scottish Crucible: http://www.hw.ac.uk/scottishcrucible/
    • Twitter: Follow European Crucible on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EuroCrucible
    • Register using this link


    The first field asks for an Offer Code to validate the registration – please enter the code: ESOFCRUCIBLE




    Alan Miller is a Professor of Physics and Deputy Principal for...

    After finishing her degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Leeds...

    Some former participants of Scottish Crucible will be invited...

    Dr Clark is a representative of the Scottish Government

    BBC, UK Described by The Times as both "the world's most enthusiastic...

    Dr Ruth Neiland is Head of Research Futures, Heriot-Watt University...

    Dr Sara Shinton has a background in academic research (Physical...

    Type Careers Programme, The 21st Century Researcher
    Host Organization Heriot-Watt University
  • Organiser Ruth Neiland
  • Tags CP4

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