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Elías Zea

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Art and science both define myself well enough. Began playing music at 4 years-old. Began with electronic engineering at 17 years-old. Nowadays my interests are pointing towards audio engineering, virtual reality and tridimensional sound. Yes, every sound is, and should be heard, in three dimensions.

Parallel projects as a musician and engineer, others related to creativity, open innovation, entrepreneurship, education paradigms and life sciences. Technologies are growing so fast that we need not to close ourselves in the research, but to share our interdisciplinary knowledge: open innovation. I believe the way to solve to the problems of today is to think of suitable solutions for the future.

I describe myself as hard-working and open-minded, looking for new challenges that have to be overcome today and at the expectation of keep learning and applying my knowledge in real-life situations. It is the magic of science and engineering, to mimic nature.


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