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avatar for Ulrike Felt

Ulrike Felt

Department of Social Studies of Science, University of Vienna, Austria

avatar for Uta Bilow

avatar for Valentina Bosetti

avatar for Vanessa Campo-Ruiz

avatar for Vassiliki Gemeni

Vassiliki Gemeni

The Centre for Research & Technology, Hellas, Greece

avatar for Veronique Morin

avatar for Vesa Niinikangas

Vesa Niinikangas

President, World Federation of Science Journalists

avatar for Victor Ambros

Victor Ambros

Silverman Professor of Natural Sciences,  University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA

avatar for Victor Rodriguez

Victor Rodriguez

Freelance Expert in Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights, The Netherlands

avatar for Victor Scholten

avatar for Vinny O\'Brien

Vinny O\'Brien

Arnotts, Ireland

avatar for Vinny O\'Brien

Vinny O\'Brien

Arnotts, Ireland

avatar for Viola Egikova

Viola Egikova

Moskowskaya Pravda, Russia; EUSJA Vice President

avatar for Virpi Lummaa

Virpi Lummaa

University of Sheffield, UK

avatar for Vladimir Burdyuzha

Vladimir Burdyuzha

Russian Academy of Sciences, Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia

avatar for Waldemar Kütt

avatar for Werner Roeger

avatar for Werner W. Franke

Werner W. Franke

German Cancer Research Center, Germany

avatar for Wilhelm Krull

avatar for William Gallagher

avatar for William Gallagher

avatar for William Murtagh

avatar for Wim Schoutens

avatar for Wolfgang Goede

avatar for Xabier Goenaga

Xabier Goenaga

Joint Research Centre - Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, European Commission, Spain

avatar for Yi Ling Hwong

Yi Ling Hwong

Marie Curie fellow at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), France

avatar for Zachary Miles

Zachary Miles

University of Utah, USA

avatar for Zaza Nadja Lee Hansen

avatar for Zoe Shipton

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