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Henrike Rau

National University of Ireland, Galway

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Hervé This

AgroParisTech, France

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Honrung Dania

There should be a solarpanel on each roof!

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Humphrey Jones

Humphrey Jones is a Science Teacher & Blogger from Dublin. His science blog, www.frogblog.ie, is a frequently updated website aimed at enthusing young people (and the general public) about the world of science and technology. The Frog Blog took home the “Big Mouth” Award at the 2010 Eircom Spider Awards and also the ‘Best Science / Education Blog’ at the 2011 Irish Blog Awards. Humphrey is also a regular contributor to BANG, the Irish Times science monthly supplement and has also written for Science Spin, Ireland's dedicated science and discovery magazine. He is a Local Facilitator for...

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Hyerim Kim

Ph.D. Student, Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University
Co-founder, Scientific Preparatory Academy for Cosmic Explorers (SPACE)

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Ian Jones

Founder and CEO of Innopharma Labs, Ireland

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Iggy McGovern

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

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Ilina Singh

London School of Economics, UK

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Ilkka Hanski

 University of Helsinki, Finland

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Ilse van Zeeland

Naturalis - National Museum of Natural History, Netherlands

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Immo Warntjes

University of Greifswald, Germany

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Inés Sánchez de Madariaga

Head of Women and Science Unit, Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, Ministry of Economy and Competitivity; Professor of city planning at Madrid School of Architecture.



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Inge De Prins

COST is a proud partner of ESOF 2012 and invites all participants to join the COST Session 'S & T = Key 2 Knowledge - The added-value of collaborative networks' on Friday 13 July from 12:15 to 14:45 at Wicklow Meeting Room 1 on level 2.

Alternatively, visit the COST exhibition stand!

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"This decade, we will create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth."


Intel was founded in 1968 for semiconductor memory products by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore. In 1971 they had introduced the world’s first microprocessor. They have continued to expand and innovate becoming an international phenomenon. The global headquarters is in Santa Clara, California and they have 82,500 employees world wide. Over half of their employees reside in the United States. They continue to be leaders in technology innovation.


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Irena Rezec

Company WOTRA is a globally oriented company offering a wide scope of services. Company's activities may be divided into four main groups of services:

1. Services related to internationalisation of businesses (identification of appropriate strategic partners and export strategies, offering a support to foreign investors willing to enter and/or invest in Slovenia and neighbouring countries, etc.);

2. Services related to establishment and management of business networks and other forms of business cooperation and networking/partnering/clustering (entrepreneurial clusters, strategic allianc... Read more

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Irene Hames

Committee on Publication Ethics, UK

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Iris Erlund

National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland

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Iris Simon

Agendia BV, The Netherlands

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Isabel Otero

 National Cancer Institute, USA

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Isabel Sousa Pinto

Centre of Marine and Environmental Research, Portugal

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Isabel Sousa Pinto

Biodiversity, seaweeds, marine sciences, sustainable aquaculture

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Ivan Pearson

Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

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Open Access to research, Open Data, Ocean Literacy, Marine Science

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Iza Marszalowska

PhD Student

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Izabella Zandberg

EURAXESS Links USA Project Manager

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Jaak Peeters

Company Group Chairman, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals


Jaak Peeters is Company Group Chairman Pharmaceuticals Global Strategy, Innovation and New Businesses and a member of the Johnson & Johnson Pharma Group Operating Committee.

Jaak is a Board Member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA).

Since October 2008 Jaak is Supervisory Board Chairman of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Germany.

His leadership vision is to actively contribute to global health, to provide better treatment options and solutions to patients at an overall lower

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Jaanus Harro

University of Tartu, Estonia

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Jack Bagley

Principal, Irish-American Partnerships, President, The Bagley Group

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Jack Stilgoe

Exeter University, UK

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Jacques Bittoun

Vice president, Scientific Council, Université Paris-Sud

Pr. Jacques Bittoun is a University Professor at Université Paris-Sud and Hospital consultant in Biophysics and nuclear medicine at CHU Bicêtre. He is an elected member of the University Scientific council. He has previousely served has director for the joint CNRS-Université Paris-Sud unit on medical magnetic resonance research (1996-2009). He is also responsible for the "Physique Médicale" Master's program.  He was first appointed Vice-president of the Université Paris-Sud's Scientific Council on october 2007. He was re-appointed to this same position by the current University president

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Jacques Mairesse

United Nations University-Maastricht Economic Research Institute of Innovation and Technology, The Netherlands

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Jakob Schott

I´m a student of Microsystemtechnology at IMTEK Freiburg and currently writing my Bachelor´s thesis on producing thin-layer ceramics.

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James Morgan

I am the editor of ScienceOmega.com, a website that showcases the latest news, features and opinions from the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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James Murray

I am passionate about Science in general and Photography. I am particularly fascinated in that magical crossover area between Science and Art, a fertile ground for innovation and progress.

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James Wilsdon

Royal Society, UK

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Jamie Goggins

National University of Ireland, Galway

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Jan Seys

 Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee (VLIZ), Belgium

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Jan Staman

Rathenau Instituut, The Netherlands

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Jana Ognjenovic

Ten out of ten people die, so don't take life too seriously.

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Jana Ognjenovic

University Belgrade, Serbia

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Jarmo Eskelinen

Forum Virium, Finland

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Jean Claude Burgelman

European Commission

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Jean O'Dwyer

Something about yourslef?

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Jean Paul Prieels

maSTherCell, Belgium

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Jean-Claude Burgelman

European Commission, EU

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Jean-David Malo

European Commission, Belgium

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Jean-Patrick Connerade

Imperial College London, UK. European Academy of Sciences Arts and Literature

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Jean-Pierre Alix

CNRS, France

avatar for Jean-Pierre Lebreton

Jean-Pierre Lebreton

CNRS/LPC2E, France

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Jeanne Lenzer

Latest project: Worked with ICIJ's Implant Files and wrote my first book, The Danger Within Us. Next: A story I can't figure out how to tell about "bad hombres" and the other side of the drug war. It's been sitting with me too long and it's haunting me. Written for NYT, WashPo, Atlantic, Mother Jones

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Jennifer Cassingena Harper

Malta Council for Science and Technology

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Jeremy Bruton Sweet

 Environmental Research Consultant, UK

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Jeremy O'Brien

University of Bristol, UK

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Jeremy Philpott

European Patent Office


As Chef vom Dienst, Jeremy coordinates the various external communication activities of the European Patent Office via printed publications, the website and media relations.

Jeremy graduated from Cardiff University with a PhD in analytical chemistry, and then became a patent examiner at the UK Patent Office. In 2000 he joined the Marketing Department of the UK Patent Office, explaining intellectual property to business people, students and journalists, before joining the European Patent Office in 2005 to lead the Innovation Support Unit of the European Patent Academ

... Read more

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Jeroen van der Hoven

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

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