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Human nutrition

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Frances Mitchell

University College Dublin, Ireland

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Francesca Bignami

... è ora di fare quello che VOGLIO....... .voglio quindi posso ! Sorridi sempre, anche se è un sorriso triste, perché più triste di un sorriso triste c'è la tristezza di non saper sorridere.

avatar for Francesca Campolongo

Francesca Campolongo

Joint Research Centre - Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, European Commission, Italy

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Francesco Benedetti

San Raffaele Hospital, Italy

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avatar for Frank Close

Frank Close

University of Oxford, UK

avatar for Frank Cunningham

Frank Cunningham

European Commission, DG Information Society and Media, Belgium

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avatar for Frank Hallinan

Frank Hallinan

Irish Medicines Board

avatar for Frank Ryan

Frank Ryan

Enterprise Ireland, Ireland

avatar for Frank Ziegele

Frank Ziegele

Centre for Higher Education, Germany

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avatar for Frederik Wittock

Frederik Wittock

Senior Director Communications, Janssen Pharmaceutical, Belgium

avatar for Freysteinn Sigmundsson

Freysteinn Sigmundsson

Institute of Earth Science, Iceland

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avatar for Fulvio Esposito

avatar for Fumio Arakawa

Fumio Arakawa

Global Engineering Institute, Japan

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avatar for Gareth Leyshon

Gareth Leyshon

I am a Roman Catholic priest with a PhD in Astrophysics. I am passionate about discovering the truth which can be accessed through science and the truth which comes through God's revelation by other means.

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avatar for Gemma Moore

Gemma Moore

University College Dublin, Ireland

avatar for Gemma O' Dwyer

Gemma O' Dwyer

Environmental issues

avatar for Gene Russo

Gene Russo

Editor, Nature Careers


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avatar for George Davey-Smith

avatar for Georges Waysand

Georges Waysand

Euroscience, France

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avatar for Gerald Grant

Gerald Grant

Duke University, USA

avatar for Gerald Schatten

Gerald Schatten

University of Pittsburg, USA

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avatar for Geraldine Barry - Organiser

Geraldine Barry - Organiser

European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Belgium

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avatar for Gerard Walshe

avatar for Gerlinde Bedoe

Gerlinde Bedoe

Nokia Siemens Networks, Germany

avatar for Gernot  Klotz

Gernot Klotz

European Chemical Industry Council, Belgium

avatar for Gernot Grömer

Gernot Grömer

Austrian Space Forum, Austria

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avatar for Gery Flynn

Gery Flynn

The aquatic environment

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avatar for Giancarlo Caratti

Giancarlo Caratti

Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Belgium

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avatar for Gill Clark

Gill Clark

Dr Clark is a representative of the Scottish Government

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avatar for Gilles Grenot

Gilles Grenot

Into science communication and science journalism through digital tools, working for @knowtex and @Umaps

avatar for Ginger Pinholster

Ginger Pinholster

Director of the Office of Public Programs, AAAS

avatar for Giovanna Avellis

Giovanna Avellis

Marie Curie Fellows Association

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Giovanna Tinetti

University College London, UK

avatar for Giovanni Giusti

Giovanni Giusti

I'll be your lover / I'll be forever / I'll be tomorrow / I am anything when I'm high.

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avatar for Giuseppe Pellegrini

Giuseppe Pellegrini

Università di Padova, Italy

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Gordon Dalton

Dr Gordon Dalton is the International chair of the Irish Research Staff Association and was the previous chair for 2011 (IRSA www.irsa.ie ). He is also currently the Chair of the UCC branch of the association, ARCS (www.ucc.ie/en/arcs). He is on the steering committee of the EURSA and ICoRSA. Gordon is a senior research fellow in HMRC UCC Ireland, specialising in ocean energy economics. Gordon started his position in HMRC in 2008, funded under the Charles Parson Award.

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avatar for Grace Naledi Mandisa Pandor

Grace Naledi Mandisa Pandor

Minister of Science and Technology, Republic of South Africa




avatar for Graham Love

Graham Love

Director, Policy and Communications, Science Foundation Ireland

avatar for Graham Thornicroft

Graham Thornicroft

Kings College London, UK

avatar for Graham Vickery

Graham Vickery

OECD (Retired), France

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avatar for Grainne Kirwan

avatar for Gráinne Millar

Gráinne Millar

Temple Bar Trust, Ireland

avatar for Grant Denkinson

Grant Denkinson

I work in astronomy computing and also as a counsellor / psychotherapist and have a general interest in science and thinking.

I've always been pretty interdisciplinary, mainly in physical sciences and have worked in electronic engineering and geography for various universities in England.

I do a lot of voluntary work, mainly around sexuality and relationships.

avatar for Gregory Sorensen

Gregory Sorensen

CEO Siemens Healthcare (former Harvard Professor)

Dr Gregory Sorensen, MD, was appointed as chief executive officer (CEO) of Siemens Healthcare in the U.S.A. in June of this year.  Prior to this he served as Professor of Radiology and Health Sciences & Technology at Harvard Medical School; faculty member of the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology; and Co-Director of the A.A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Dr. Sorensen is a practicing neuroradiologist and active researcher with significant experience in clinical care, clinical trials, and translational research. His research and

... Read more

avatar for Gretchen Daily

Gretchen Daily

Stanford University, USA

avatar for Gretchen Lynne Cuda Kroen

avatar for Gunilla von Platen

Gunilla von Platen

Xzakt, Sweden

avatar for Gunnel Gustafsson

Gunnel Gustafsson

Director , NordForsk

avatar for Gustav Johansson

avatar for Ha Pham

avatar for Halldor Stefansson

Halldor Stefansson

European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany

avatar for Hanan Dowidar

avatar for Hanne Jakobsen

avatar for Hanns-Joachim Neubert

Hanns-Joachim Neubert

European Union of Science Journalists' Associations, France

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avatar for Hans Petter  Sejrup

Hans Petter Sejrup

University of Bergen, Norway

avatar for Hazel

avatar for Heather M. Stoll

Heather M. Stoll

University of Oviedo, Spain

avatar for Heather Rea

Heather Rea

Passionate about public engagement with research, making research open and accessible and ensuring that researchers see that as part of their work.

avatar for Hédia Ben Ghenaia Jaouadi

Hédia Ben Ghenaia Jaouadi

Je suis professeur hospitalo-universitaire en médecine dentaire et la directrice générale du Palais des Sciences de Monastir Tunisia.

Ce qui nous intéresse au sein de notre institution c'est tous qui est lié aux sciences et aux nouvelles technologies de communication.

avatar for Heidi Ali

avatar for Heidi Armbruster-Domeyer - Organiser

Heidi Armbruster-Domeyer - Organiser

Vetenskap & Allmänhet, Sweden

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avatar for Heidi Orava

avatar for Heier

avatar for Heike Rauer

Heike Rauer

German Aerospace Centre

avatar for hein

avatar for Heinz Wilkening

Heinz Wilkening

European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Belgium

avatar for Helen Goulding

Helen Goulding

Quercus Training, UK

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avatar for Helen Pearson

avatar for Helene Andersson Svahn

Helene Andersson Svahn

KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

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