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Ruth Müller

Universität Wien, Austria

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Ruth Neiland

Dr Ruth Neiland is Head of Research Futures, Heriot-Watt University; Director of Scottish Crucible; Deputy Chair of the Universities Scotland Research Training Committee; and member of the Vitae Advisory Group for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Programmes focussed on enhancing researcher development set-up and designed by Ruth have twice won the Times Higher Education award for "Outstanding Support for Early Career Researchers" (2007; 2010) and her latest research development initiative has just been shortlisted for an award by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (Nov 2011). A member

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Sabine Kleinert

The Lancet Committee on Publication Ethics, UK

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Sabine Moebs

ux, technology-enhanced learning 4 all, sustainable regional development and social networking are my favorite topics. Active (board) member of webgrrls.de

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Saho Tateno

I am a freelance writer covering life science and its related topics in the society. I will be attending ESOF 2012 from Japan and am looking forward to it.

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Salvatore Amico Roxas

European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Belgium

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Salvatore Lombardi

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

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Salvatore Tatarella

Science and Technology Options Assessment, European Parliament

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Samuel Thernstrom

White House Council on Environmental Quality, USA

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Samuela Vercelli

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

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Sara Benetti

Ameremo i nostri figli, i presenti e i perduti, li porteremo nel cuore fino a che non smetterà di battere, e anche oltre, se un oltre esiste, se al di là del cielo c’è un orizzonte o un azzurro nel quale perdersi.

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Sara Benetti

University of Ulster, UK

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Sara Shinton

Dr Sara Shinton has a background in academic research (Physical Chemistry), careers guidance and academic develeopment. In 2000 she set up her own consultancy which aims to improve the career awareness and employability of academic researchers, and she has since worked with numerous universities, professional bodies and organisations in the UK and Europe. Among current interests are researcher development, support for new principal investigators, social media and boosting collabortion. Sara has successfully facilitated several "Crucible" programmes in the UK, her work contributing to the winning

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Sara Tegami

"Non esiste vento favorevole per il marinaio che non sa dove andare" (Seneca)

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Sara Tegami

Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Germany


Ms. Sara Tegami has studied physics at the University of Genoa, Italy and has been carrying out her PhD studies at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg, Germany since 2009. Much of her research is carried out at renowned research centres and in collaboration with partners such as the Heidelberg Ion Therapy Centre/Germany, CERN/Switzerland or the University of Santiago de Compostela/Spain.

She carries out investigations into the use of antiprotons and ions for medical applications, with a focus on developing new tools a

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Sarah Jackson

AIMS-NEI Director of Finance and Operations

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Sarah Everts

Chemical & Engineering News, Germany

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Sarah Everts

I blog about the research that takes place behind the scenes in museum and art gallery labs. I write alot about sweat science. Yes, research in perspiration. What else? I'm an avid photographer, and I have a mean finger puppet collection at my home in Berlin.

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Sarah O'Meara

Irish Medicines Board

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Schumacher Björn

CECAD Cologne, Germany

avatar for SciConnect


We provide training courses in science communication for scientists and students: please look at our website to find out more.

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Sean Burke

Enterprise Ireland

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Sean Sherlock T.D.

Minister for Research and Innovation, Ireland

  • Appointed Minister of State, Research & Innovation - Department of Enterprise, Jobs & Innovation and Department of Education & Skills , March 2011
  • Topped the poll and was elected in the 1st count, General Election 2011
  • Elected to the Dail, May 2007
  • First Co-opted to Mallow Town Council and Cork County Council in September 2003.
  • Elected to MTC and CCC June 2004.
  • 2004 Mayor of Mallow Town Council.

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Sean Sherlock T.D.

Minister for Research and Innovation, Ireland

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Seema Kumar

VP, Global R&D Communications, Johnson & Johnson, USA


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IP awareness; IPRs protection; Innovation; SMEs' creation; IP co-operation.

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Sergio Persoglia

National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysic, Italy

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Sergio Pistoi

A science journalist and a consultant with a PhD in molecular biology (Scientific American, Reuters, the New Scientist, Nature and many others). Also a communication manager/writer/consultant for EU and international research projects. A member of the National Association of Science Writers (NASW), and the European Union of Science Writer’s Associations (EUSJA). Serves on the Public Education Committee of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR). A sea lover and a would-be scuba divemaster. Lives in Tuscany, sometimes hiding behind a fake identity. for more... Read more

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Shak Gohir

Hello Eli o Xla, nan sawubona Allo Mirembe Aiah ban twon Gidday Horas He Wotcha Habari صباح الخير 你好 नमस्ते 안녕하세요 Nahhwanànkak nahokhwadál geenjit shòn tr'iinlii

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Shane Colgan

Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland

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Shane Comer

Science Undergraduate, University College Dublin

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avatar for Shane Russell

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Sharon Cather

The Courtauld Institute of Art, UK

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avatar for Sheelan Yousefizadeh

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Shomi Bhattacharya

Institute of Ophthalmology, UK

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Silvia Giordani

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

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Silvia Giordani

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

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Silvia Giordani

dedico questa bellissima frase tratta da "il piccolo principe" al mio caro fratellone Davide: "non ti vedo che con il cuore ma l''essenziale è invisibile agli occhi"

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avatar for Simon

avatar for simon.elliott.tyndall.ie

avatar for Simone Meloni

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Simone Schumann

University of Vienna, Austria

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Simone Turchetti

University of Manchester, UK

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Sinclair Stockman

Digital Northern Ireland 2020

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Sir Bob Geldof

Political activist, musician and businessman

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Sirpa Pietikäinen

Member European Parliament

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Siwan Davies

Swansea University, UK

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Snežana Krstić

EURODOC - European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers, Belgium
Dr. Snežana Krstić is the organiser and chair of the session “Ethics in research – why it is important to me?” She is a chemical engineer, a member of Eurodoc (www.eurodoc.net). Since 2004 she has been actively participating in many activities related to research, education and innovation policies, including mobility, career and other aspects related to junior researchers. She has raised many interesting issues and discussions related to the early stage researchers, including research integrity and ethical issues (one of the activities was a survey, the first one at European level related

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Somaya Mahmud

I'm mental... WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE? How can somebody describe a person in words? That is beyond human capabilities.. and rightly so.

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Sophie Duncan

National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement, UK

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Sophie Duncan

Deputy Director of National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement, UK

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Stefan Kuhlmann

Chair of the Department of Science, Technology, and Policy Studies (STəPS), University of Twente, The Netherlands

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avatar for Stefan VETTER, BMLFUW, AT

avatar for Stefania Bettini

Stefania Bettini

EXT at European Commission, DG Research and Innovation

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